What INSTAFINS Delivers User ?

Detailed Project Financials Is a Most Vital Part of Any Project Report and INSTAFINS Deliver it all for You in Minutes with Options to Edit, View and Print / eMail in PDF Format. Based on Your Project Inputs  What You Get  From INSTAFINS is 001 Total Project Cost. 002 Profit & Loss. 003 Inventory. 004 Working Capital Estimate. 005 Cash Flow Statement.  006 Balance Sheet. 007 Depreciation. 008 Written-off Expenses Statement. 009 Interest & Repayment of Loans. 010. Project Cost Break-up Chart. 011 Gross Revenue Chart. 012 Operating Profit Chart. 013 Net Profit Chart. 014 Cash Accrual Chart. 015 Break-Even Revenue Ratio. 016 Debt Service Coverage Ratio. 017 Return on Investment. 018 Enterprise / Business Valuation in DCF - Discounted Cash Flow Method.